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Since the expenditure was necessary, although perhaps accelerated, it would seem to be ethical. Why do accountants debit expenses to increase them but credit revenues to increase them.

Exceptions require an agreement with the Instructor and the student. The CFAO shall-- 1 Separately identify interest on any increased cost paid, in the aggregate, as a result of the noncompliance; 2 Compute interest from the date of overpayment to the date of repayment using the rate specified in 26 U.

B A required change and a noncompliance. Describe the purpose of each of the four financial statements.

The student may withdraw from a course by contacting the Registration Office up to the eighth calendar day following mid-term date in any quarter or the equivalent in any term of non-standard length.

Accounts payable should be shown as a liability, not an asset. Which of the following statements about accrual-basis accounting is NOT true.

What are the negative and positive elements of a control environment. Purpose of Assignment Reconciling bank accounts is a good way to help maintain internal controls over cash.

C Unilateral changes and noncompliances; and iii May consider the cost impacts of a unilateral change affecting two or more segments to be a single change if-- A The change affects the flow of costs between segments; or B Implements a common cost accounting practice for two or more segments.

What items make up cost of goods sold. The balance sheet makes sure that the finances are in balance.

ACCT301 Week 3 Homework Problems Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Prior to making any contract price or cost adjustments under the applicable paragraph s addressing noncompliance at The requirements for contract price and cost adjustments do not apply to compliant cost accounting practice changes that are directly associated with external restructuring activities that are subject to and meet the requirements of 10 U.

How do the different steps affect the financial statements. Once the student has completed the remaining course requirements, the Instructor will change the "I" grade to the appropriate letter grade as set forth herein. Week 1 Vocabulary Activity Resource: In this case the ethical issues are: They might be driven to do this because of greed.

Contractors shall not receive an equitable adjustment that will result in increased costs in the aggregate to the Government prior to the applicability date unless the CFAO determines that the unilateral change is a desirable change.

Why are they necessary. Cash balance before revenues Individual - Financial Statements Paper - Prepare a -1, word paper in which you identify the four basic financial statements. Accounts receivable should be shown as an asset, not a liability, and reported between Cash and Supplies on the balance sheet.

What are the three different inventory cost flow assumptions commonly used in commerce today and allowed by generally accepted accounting principles.

Accounting Principles Chapter 4 Solution

BYP A correct balance sheet is as follows: B When the estimated cost to complete using the changed practice exceeds the estimated cost to complete using the current practice, the difference is decreased cost to the Government. CHAPTER 2 THE RECORDING PROCESS Number LO BT Difficulty Time (min.) BE1 2 C Simple 6–8 BE2 2 C Simple 4–6 BYP5 3, 6 S Simple 10–15 BYP6 7 AN, E Moderate 10– accounting equation.

A transaction is not recorded twice; it is recorded once, with a dual effect. -- Cost Accounting Standards. (a) 41 U.S.C. chapter 15, Cost Accounting Standards, requires certain contractors and subcontractors to comply with Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and to disclose in writing and follow consistently their cost accounting practices.

Ethics Case Pg. BYP Case: Answer of Case A: Laura McAntee was just hired as the assistant treasurer of Dorchester Stores. The company is a specialty chain store with nine retail stores concentrated in one metropolitan area.

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Uploaded by. 1. (a) Disagree. Managerial accounting is a field of accounting that provides economic and financial information for managers and other internal users. (b) Pat is incorrect. Managerial accounting applies to all types of businesses-service, merchan- dising, and manufacturing.

2. distribution of accounting reports, the most common of which are called financial statements. A vital element in the communication process is the accountant’s ability and responsibility to analyze and interpret the reported information.

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