Funny science fair projects

Why do people fart so much, and is there anything we can learn from studying animals that might help reduce our flatulence. Some double-blind studies that need to be done include: And yet, in a number of online surveyspeople generally claim to sleep better on rainy nights.

Hilarious Science Fair Projects

The Mentos soda car experiment is another fun way to test action and reaction. How much energy is produced, per liter, by pyroflatulation. Is it due to a different number or size of air bubbles. How much Sun Protection Factor does a t-shirt provide. The hardest part about doing a science project is picking the right experiment.

Read more about the Mpemba effect: Always get approval for a project from the teacher before starting any science project. Is there any way to visualize this turbulence, or model the air flow and plot it perhaps in a program like Matlab or Octave. In other words, can you invent a faucet thermometer that determines the water temperature by using sound.

Kids can use paper and marbles to experiment with velocity and friction. For example, is the intensity of UV radiation inversely proportional to the ratio of the length of your shadow to your height, or is this only true at certain latitudes. Could methane discovered on Mars be microbe farts.

Play classical music, rock music or no music. Is there a way to measure one's solar Vitamin D intake. Cars need fuel to power their engines.

35 Hilarious Science Fair Projects

The explosive candy-and-soda combination is the action; it shoots out of the bottle and propels the car the other way, which is the reaction. It is more difficult to measure the actual sound levels through ear buds, due to the small openings.

Alien Biology If scientists were able to recover alien DNA from a meteorite, would it be possible to bring an alien species to life a la Jurassic Park. How much flatulence do cows produceand could this be a useful source of energy. Does it help transfer emotional information. What plants are most efficient at removing CO2 from the atmosphere?.

Unusual Ideas for Science Fair Projects Following are some weird, strange, cool, uncool, fun, funny, bizarre, unusual, or just slightly different ideas for science fair projects. Most of these are very half-baked, so you would need to figure out how to develop a testable hypothesis and perform experiments.

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27 Funny Science Fair Projects That Win in Their Own Right

What are some catchy titles for a science fair project? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. Bob Colwell, engineer What are some good science fair projects for young children? What are some funny science fair projects?

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36 Funny Science Fair Projects!

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