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His fiery intensity remains legendary, as demonstrated by his trendsetting move of jumping to block jumpers after the whistle, intended to intimidate and break the confidence of opponents. But there are so many answers to why "The Answer" was a game changer.

My Charmed, Tormented Life," published in Yet, these were the maneuvers of a man who had countless basketball miles -- built up on asphalt and other subpar courts -- on his knees. Lenny Wilkens Teams St. But more than any particular accomplishment, it was his personality that seemed most magnetic and influential.

God gave us two hands. Iverson led the league in scoring four times and steals three times, and those skills went hand in hand, as he gambled and scored fearlessly. Lloyd would later go on to be the first black player to win an NBA title and serve as an assistant coach.

And stardom did follow quickly, as Bryant was voted the youngest All-Star starter in history even before he was a Lakers starter.

#NBArank Game Changers: Most influential players ever, 100-76

InBryant was charged with sexual assault in Colorado -- the charge was eventually dropped when the accuser declined to testify, Bryant issued an apology and the parties settled a civil suit out of court.

The Hall of Famer once said, "I am not a role model," in a Nike commercial. Embry had worked in Milwaukee's front office as an assistant and officially took over the GM duties in All-time kicks Influence Growing up on a cotton plantation in Mississippi, Spencer Haywood knew the drudgery of working from sunup to sundown.

On the other end, West was a rugged, handsy competitor, whose defensive crouch and laser focus tormented opposing guards. When he tore his right rotator cuff, he just started shooting left-handed.

#NBArank Game Changers: The 25 most influential players ever

John Stockton Utah Jazz Influence Stockton is the NBA's all-time leader in assists and steals, and the competition's not close in either category. Barkley was also a Dream Teamer and pal of Michael Jordan who ran roughshod in the Olympics, and he averaged He led the NBA in reboundingblocks and scoringmaking him one of two players, along with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who can make that claim.

After his career as a role player and a short stint as a broadcaster, Riley took over the Showtime Lakers and led them to four championships, quickly gaining popularity as a stylish sideline manager -- indeed "The Winner Within" is one of the most successful sports-based management books ever.

Ultimately, O'Neal's three consecutive titles and Finals MVPs demonstrated that he reached a level of inside devastation that might never be seen again in an NBA evolving away from interior play. When questioned why he'd do such a thing, he defiantly responded, 'Why.

Bush at the State of the Union. They then went out to find their Tim Duncan, so that they could fashion a team culture modeled after the Spurs. With his raw athleticism gone, Archibald revealed a sharp basketball mind.

After his resignation inThompson was eventually succeeded as Georgetown coach by his son and, as ofby Ewing, ensuring his influence lives on.

#NBArank Game Changers: The 25 most influential players ever

Inhe led the underdog sixth-seeded Rockets back to the title, defeating four teams that had won 57 games or more, a challenge no champion has faced before or since. Michael Jordan might not be the icon he is today without Pippen, who was by Jordan's side on MJ's greatest squads, including the Dream Team.

As an individual talent, he was astounding -- he posted a quadruple-double, led the league in rebounds and blocks, and was a perennial All-NBA and All-Defense selection -- even as Sampson and the Rockets faltered. Top 15 Most Revolutionary Players in NBA History.

by Jonny Hughes – on Drazen Petrovic and Sarunas Marciulioni were the first European players to have an impact on the NBA, and therefore paved the way for an enormous amount of players who came from overseas to play in the best basketball league in the world. No player has ever. Oct 05,  · Top 10 Most Influential Basketball Players Over the Past Decade He's one of the most talented players to play in the NBA, and if he can stay healthy, he might actually win something.

The NBA maxes out at players, and all 30 teams have a lead owner, someone running the front office and an additional person responsible for patrolling the sidelines. ESPN voted on the 20 most influential players in NBA history based upon the following criteria: "For this special edition of #NBArank, we asked our panel to choose the players who have influenced.

We are presenting the NBA players who have done the most to change the way we play the game, how we talk about the game and the culture of basketball. As LeBron James, Steph Curry and others create a new NBA before our eyes -- while standing on the shoulders of giants -- we rank the players who have done the most to change the game of basketball.

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Lakers news: LeBron James named 2nd most influential NBA player ever by ESPN